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This week we're going on an adventure.

Well, I did, and now you can read about it. Yippee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon (free mini portrait session to the first person to comment the origin of that reference).

A few weeks ago I took a little road trip with some friends, and fellow ‘grammers (a slang term for people who are VERY into Instagram, which I am) to the abandoned and beautiful State penitentiary in the capital city of Missouri, Jefferson City.

There are SO many things to say about this place, but as my profession dictates, I will let my photographs do the majority of the talking. 

•••This is not a once in a lifetime experience like a lot of the things that often occur in my life, as you can can visit this place basically anytime you’d like, BUT it was indeed a spectacular one. Additionally, the opportunity to take this trip in the company I did was one that could not-in good conscience- be passed up. 

Pictured left to right:  Adam ,  Aaron ,  Bri ,  Joe ,  Ray  and  Ty  (click for their Instagram profiles).

Pictured left to right: Adam, Aaron, Bri, Joe, Ray and Ty (click for their Instagram profiles).

Upon arrival in Jeff City we, as all Instagram enthusiasts do, gathered out front of the stone facade and snapped off a number of photos that would cause Henri Cartier-Bresson to hang his head, ashamed, and walk sullenly as far from us as possible. Which, interestingly enough would be about as haunting as the interior of this decommissioned prison would end up being. Now, I don’t believe in ghosts (most of the time), but I do believe in the staying power of history and its tendency to cast a shadow of emotion over the place in which in occurs.

I wish I could regurgitate all of the facts that I learned from out our tour guide, but I must admit, I was enamored  by my surroundings. In those moments, it was my job to capture the visual representation of the feeling of being captured…an inception of sorts….Christopher Nolan would be proud…maybe. 

We all feel trapped at one point or another, but what do we really know?

Pictured:  @tysechler

Pictured: @tysechler

Walking these rows, seeing the bars that, at one time, separated human beings from the outside world was sobering. There is nothing we value more than our freedom, even if we don’t realize it. 

My freedom allows me to take this little black box of plastic, metal and glass, point it at whatever I wish, and capture a moment, forever stealing it away from time to keep for myself, or those I choose to share it with. 

Pictured:  @adampane

Pictured: @adampane

Can you really imagine not having that freedom? It’s all about perspective…

Maybe as a photographer I am biased, but what else do we have?

I'll just say it, perspective IS all we have; it's the means by which we analyze our situations i.e. the amount of freedom we possess. 

This was just a brief look into the great time we had at the MO Pen, but you can learn more, including how you can take the tour yourself, by hitting up! I encourage you to check it out!

I love you all, thanks for clicking, scrolling and reading. 

You’re the best.

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